Adolescents, Social Capital, and Jesus’ Restorative Speech

Here are the makings of an omlette “in process” for an upcoming conference and article. Adolescents, Social Capital, and the Restorative Power of Speech: The Promise of Engaging the Bible through Socio-Cultural Lenses for Youth Ministry Adolescents create social environments of safety and belonging – “tribes apart” or “worlds beneath” – in response to an […]

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Blog Title Change!

My latest post on adolescents and competition signaled a change. I’ve decided to (finally) change the title of this blog from Jesus and the Gospels: The Search for a Culturally Plausible Jesus, to Jesus, the Gospels, and Ministry: The Search for a Relevant Jesus since my interests have over the past year inclined more directly […]

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Killing our Kids with Competition

Youthworker Journal’s January/February edition was devoted to “The Wisdom of Slow-ness,” a phrase I first heard back in 1997 studying Jurgen Moltmann. Although I suspect none of the articles in this edition of Youthworker were inspired by Moltmann’s theology, I was nevertheless glad to see that the problem of our hurried lives that we plug […]

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Jesus’ Labeling of the Pharisees: A Brief Response to Scot McKnight

How research in ancient speech & talk sheds light on Jesus’ interactions with the Pharisees in the Gospels is something that is still emerging in biblical studies. From time-to-time, one finds articles about Jesus and the Pharisees in journals, magazines, and online blogs that would have benefitted from considering ancient Mediterranean social processes like gossip […]

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